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Do you think luck matters? Why is it so? Whenever something happens, bad individuals associate it with luck. Bad luck is something that follows almost everyone at least once in a life. Lousy luck means to encounter such situations that are not in your favor. These situations usually destroy one’s dreams and wished. If something doesn’t happen as you thought is the most terrifying. After having a series of bad luck, a man usually start thing that does; he has such bad luck. Then some questions arise in the mind that:

  • What is the reason behind such lousy success?
  • Can I avoid that bad lucks?
  • Who is responsible for bad luck, fate, or man himself?

Role of Fate

Many people blame fate for bad luck. Whosoever has a series of bad luck; he quickly blames fate because, according to them, it is the only thing that working for them naturally. But thinking logically, it is not good to blame fate. There is no fate. Instead, it is our decision that brings bad luck upon us.

Fate only minor role in your bad luck. Because there are only certain things that we cannot control, and they managed by nature. We are unable to alter those things like our birth and one’s childhood disability, rain, etc. But the majority of items are controlled by us. We can modify and them and even managed them.

Bad Decision

It is not fate. Decisions backed by luck. It is somehow true that every decision’s success and failure depends upon luck. Instead is our wrong decision that brings bad luck upon us. If we make the right decision at the right time, then we can kick the bad luck. Our choice plays a seventy-five percent role in our fate and chance. Marriage is an important decision in life. Bad luck after marriage is something that may harm the mentality of someone. So you may need to visit best psychic in philadelphia. The right choices mostly turned out to be good luck, whereas, on the other hand, the bad decisions turned out to be bad luck.

Causes of bad luck

Particular factors may back reasons for something happening bad. No matter how things are going in one’s life. The important is to know what causes bad luck in life. There are many causes of bad luck. But the most common reasons are indicated the followings:

  • Black cat
  • Specific numbers like 4, 9, 13, 17
  • 13th Friday
  • Tipping the salt shaker over
  • Watching one’ doppelganger(alikeness)
  • Hanging horseshoe with its ends pointing down
  • Breaking mirror
  • Shoes on table
  • Shoes upward down on the ground
  • Inside the home opening umbrella
  • Giving the clock as a gift.

Why not others

Many people see themselves stuck in bad lucks ask why not others. They are unaware of the fact that everyone is the victim of bad luck. Bad luck follows everyone like a shadow. What gives it a chance is your single wrong step. I keep making the wrong decision; then, the bad will be following you like a shadow. Getting rid of bad luck is not easy. Others are also passing from a similar situation, but the difference is that they don’t tell others like you.

If you are the victim of bad luck, then try to look at your past decision and their impact on the life of other people. Every individual suffering from bad luck asks for when will my bad luck end? Because it is the law of nature that you do poorly, nature will punish you. And try to avoid the causes as mentioned earlier of lousy luck and see tarot card reading near me. Breaking a mirror, putting the shoe on the table, and opening an umbrella under the roof may cause sever horrible fate.


It is bad luck that people want to avoid not their own wrong decision that causes them. People often curse fate for their bad luck. They don’t know that fate has nothing to do with their life. The future has a minor part to play, which is often not the fatal most bad. Before cursing fate, people should rethink. About their actions what they have done in the past. Bad luckcan follow you if you don’t try to avoid the specific thing mentioned above.