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With the advancement of technology, we have so many tools at hand to do so many things. Things that seemed impossible even a decade ago are very much possible today. Hence, one thing to note about these advancements in technologies is that now, we have more technology than most of us even know how to use. Some of the technologies we haven’t even heard of, and neither do we know that they exist.

There are numerous online software and easy video makers like InVideo which assist you in not only editing the videos but also creating special effects and various other animations. So, this article would tell you, step by step, how to edit your videos in your own Windows PC using an easy video maker, i.e. InVideo. 

Steps to edit videos:

  1. Log in to InVideo: First of all, to edit a video, you need to take the help of a software or a website or an easy video maker that would provide you with the tools to edit a video. Assistance from such online sites like InVideo helps a lot in editing videos. You do not need any former training or experience to edit videos if you have the assistance of video making and editing platforms like InVideo. So, the first thing that you have to do is to log in to InVideo. You need to have an account with InVideo for that. There are different types of plans that you can subscribe to depending upon your requirements. Hence, the first thing you need to do is subscribe to a plan and then log in to the free online video editor. 
  1. Online templates: One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while editing a video is the template that you use to edit your video. This is because it is the template that catches the eye of the audience sub-consciously, whether it is a professional video or a family video. Thus, you need to be very careful in choosing a template for the video. The InVideo online video editor provides you with hundreds of amazing templates that you can choose based on the type of video that you intend to make or edit. Additionally, the templates provided by InVideo are customizable, which means that you can easily be customized as per your choice. Thus, since now you have the choice to choose the kind of a template you want and can customize it at your will, you need to make sure to select the most appropriate template. 
  1. Add media: Once you have chosen the template you need to select the media, i.e. add videos, photos or audio to your video. InVideo provides you with a wide-ranging online library of media that you can choose. The media that is provided is available for free with the online editor of InVideo. Additionally, you can also add media to the online library if you want to use media from your PC. If the video you want is in your camera, then first, you need to connect your camera to PC and transfer those videos to the PC. The command for importing videos from your digital camera to the PC is Import > From Digital Camera. Once you get the required videos from the digital camera to the laptop, you add them to the online media library of InVideo. 
  1. Customize your template: You can also customize the template as much as you like. The changes that you can make in your template include colors, animations, transitions, shapes, emojis, and even social media posts. Hence, there are numerous ways in which you can customize and design the template for your video editing piece. 
  1. Preview your video before publishing it: Once you are done with editing your video, i.e. adding relevant media, designing the template, adding animations, colors, transition, etc. you need to preview the video. Previewing the media essentially means that you can view the video the way it would appear when you finalize and publish the video. Once, you feel that the video is completely edited, publish it. Otherwise, you could edit it as many times as you want. Once you are done, you have to publish it, and your video is ready. 


Editing videos and movies is a very easy task using such easy video makers. Most people get intimidated by the thought of video editing as they think it requires some serious skills. However, that is not so. Editing videos can be a very interesting task and with required practice and using easy video makers, you can master that skill.