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We all want to look and appear our best without putting in a lot of effort. However, becoming the best version of yourself is no easy feat. A vast majority of the people are not satisfied with the way they look and most even try to change the way they appear. And for this they turn to aesthetics be it shedding excess pounds or sculpting your face, you can achieve everything using cosmetic surgery. People usually undergo liposuction in Dubai to achieve their dream body shape, which they aren’t able to achieve using diet and exercise.

Well, this leads to our parents’ question: why do we all want to look our best. And the answer to this is body image.

Body Image: What is it?

Body image is the way an individual perceives themselves to be. It isn’t the image they see in the mirrors rather it stems from various beliefs, generalizations and experiences that they have gone through.

So, we can say that body image is what a person emotionally believes themselves to be. According to the experts, body image is a complicated emotional experience that varies from person to person.

Simply put, body image refers to:

How a person feels about their body

What they believe about the way they appear

How they control the way they function

A person’s body image can range from positive to satisfactory or can even be negative or dissatisfied. However, having a negative body image can create several psychological disorders.

Positive Body Image

Having a positive body image means the person is satisfied with the way they are. Such individuals understand their self worth and accept themselves as the way they are. They are aware that self worth isn’t dependent on appearance. Having a positive body image means:

The individual accepts and appreciates themselves just the way they’re

Understand the true meaning of beauty i.e., beauty lies within.

Contain inner positivity

People who practice positive body image strongly believe that beauty isn’t a single image rather it’s the embodiment and appreciation of one’s self just the way they are. However, having a positive body image doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t try to stay healthy. For instance, if you’re overweight and want to lose weight to become healthy it’s perfectly normal because trying to make yourself fit and healthy is what positive body image is. It’s all about accepting your inner flaws but not hating yourself for it.

Negative Body Image

Negative body image refers to a person isn’t satisfied with the way they are and they feel dissatisfied with their bodies. A person having negative body image may:

Feel insecure by compare themselves with others

Body sham themselves

Feel embarrassed and ashamed of how they are

Lack confidence and self-esteem

Feel uncomfortable about their body

Having a negative image can lead to the onset of different mental health issues in most cases. An individual suffering from this will resort to different ways to change the way they appear. This can include undergoing excessive surgeries, losing unnecessary weight or maybe taking hormones or supplements for building muscles.

Impact of Negative Body Image on One’s Mental Health

Most people are not even aware of how detrimental negative body image can be for the individual’s mental health. The development of body image doesn’t take place overnight; rather it is influenced by the culture, family and friends how they perceive you and comments on your body.

Everyone surrounding us impacts us in a certain way. They can greatly influence how we perceive ourselves. For instance, if the people around you appreciate you and support you the way you are, you will feel more confident about yourself. Similarly, if the people around you make fun of you or body shames you, you’ll start hating yourself.

Likewise, the unrealistic standards set by the fashion industry also make a lot of people fall prey to negative body image. Negative body image can ultimately lead to serious health issues such as depression, eating disorders, etc.

Even though most people believe that negative body image is more common in women, it doesn’t mean men don’t fall prey to it. In fact, negative body image is a type of dissatisfaction that can occur in any individual regardless of their gender.

In a nutshell, the way a person feels about themselves says a lot about their environment, mental health as well as confidence. a person with a positive body image feels confident in their appearance and their bodies. But having a positive body image doesn’t mean that you don’t look after yourself. Having a better perspective about yourself means that you care for yourself and look after your bodily needs. This is why many people get HydraFacial in Dubai to replenish their skin because a positive body is all about self care.