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Who doesn’t want to travel the world and explore the wonders and unseen beauties of nature? From the mountains, glaciers, islands, waterfalls, rainforests, one should allow themselves to enter the doors of nature for breathtaking views.

While these natural wonders are scattered around the world, what else can be a better option than an aircraft charter. One can take a small vacation and also get a chance to fly away with favorite folks. While this thought might have grasped your attention, it might have left you with the thought of packing your bags for the next vacation.

Before moving ahead with the plan, here are some fascinating vacation options to choose from.

1.      Charleston

Home to three breaches, there’s a lot to do and explore in this city Charleston. This small city houses some of the famous historical landmarks and sights for tourists coming from all over the world. So if you are interested in exploring historical facts and stories, visiting this city can be a good start.

You can land your private jet at Charleston International Airport and access the surrounding attractions the city is famous for. You will witness a Southern laidback, easy-going lifestyle here. The place is famous for the variety of events it hosts. These include Charleston Food & Wine Fest, MOJA Arts Festival, Fall and Spring Tours of Homes and Gardens, and many others.

Charleston is also known as the Holy City because of its skyline that’s made up of many church steeples.

2.      Telluride

If you are fond of skiing, Telluride is a destination you should not miss out on visiting this year. Ranked among the best ski destinations in the world, it is a beautiful town in Colorado accessible only via a private jet.

The area receives 300 inches of snowfall, on average, per year. Also, there’s world-class skiing terrain that attracts people from across the globe. Apart from skiing, Telluride is also famous for its downtown, comprising luxury boutiques, high-end resorts, and many eateries offering fine dining experiences. The mesmerizing views of the San Juan Mountains also deserve a mention.

3.      Tiwi Islands

Located in Australia, Tiwi Islands is a must-visit destination for art and history lovers. This destination is made up of two islands; Melville and Bathurst. Both these islands are famous for the immersive cultural experience they offer through their art and traditional lifestyle.

It has a Bathurst Island Airport where you can land your private jet and embark on this culturally rich and soothing journey with your loved ones.

4.      Malta

Even though Malta is a small country, it packs in a lot for tourists and travelers. The weather here is vacation-worthy pleasant, attractions are spell-binding and the local population is friendly and helpful. Isn’t that an ideal recipe for the perfect holiday?

The capital city of Malta, Valletta, nestles in itself various places you can visit. Other than that, Mdina (the former capital), Ta’ Qali Crafts Village, Sliema, Blue Grotto, St Peter’s Pool, and Ghadira Bay are some of the other attractions in Malta you shouldn’t miss out on exploring while you’re there.

5.      Explora Patagonia

Tucked away in Torres del Paine National park in Chile, Explora Patagonia is basically a resort, but it packs in a lot of adventure for outdoorsy travelers.

Aircraft Charter flights land at Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport. From there, you can travel to this location while enjoying the stunning scenic beauty. Once you have reached the resort, you can take part in various activities, from guided horseback excursions to evening lecture series. The resort also has a luxury spa where you can rejuvenate and relax after exploring the surrounding areas and relishing their beauty.

6.      Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a famous Mexican hotspot with plenty of leisure activities and unforgettable adventures. The presence of luxurious accommodations famous for their hospitality further makes it a place worth visiting and staying.

You can board a private yacht to spend some relaxing time with your closed ones or relax in a beachside cabana; the options are endless at Cabo San Lucas. Taking a camel ride to explore the Baja desert is going to be an adventure on its own. There, you can enjoy the Mexican buffet while enjoying the stunning visuals of the surroundings.

For an even better culinary experience, visit Animalon by the Sea. It is a 3-hour boat ride that offers a fine dining experience comprising a lavish five-course menu with mouth-watering delicacies. This ride will also take you closer to El Arco, where you can click many pictures for your Instagram and Facebook.

7.      Cayman Islands

A collection of three islands, Cayman Islands features pristine beaches where you can enjoy basking in the sun or indulge in various water sports and underwater activities. It is also famous for its exotic culinary treats.

At this destination, you can chill out at Rum Point Beach Bar and Cayman Kai, interact with turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre, and do much more. You may also encounter many rare birds, including the Cayman Brac Parrot here.

Suffice it to say, if a luxury destination that offers abundant outdoor adventures is what you’re seeking on your private jet, nothing comes close to the Cayman Islands.

The Takeaway

While all of these seem to be fascinating and wonderful sites to explore, finding the best air route may not be that easy. The reason being, they are scattered and as a tourist, you will have to take multiple flights to reach the destination. This will add to the cost and most importantly, consume a major chunk of your time. Therefore, choosing Empire Aviation can save you from the hassle of multiple flights and also save travel and transit time. That means saving time on travel and spending more time on the explorations.