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Are you facing problems while starting your mower? It could be several factors that’s stopping the machine to do your job. If it’s a gas propelled machine, then there might be some problem with the spark plug or the fuel flow. Bad compression could another reason for startup failure. The mower denies starting after the winter storage, especially if you leave the fuel inside its tank. Varnish deposits in the carburetor are the primary reason. Dirt and debris can block air filters or fuel systems resulting in a failed startup, especially during the summers.

Follow the correct startup process

Use fresh fuel and check the spark plug. Make sure you hold the flywheel brake against the mower handle. If there is any choke, press the lever to turn it on. Press the primer button for three to five times (as recommended in the instructions manual). Try to pull the power cord and start the engine. If the power cord is showing any resistance, then check underneath the deck for any clippings that might be jamming its blade.

On the other hand, if you have an electric mower, then the startup differs. Most of the cordless or corded variants come with a push-button to start their engine. Some of the petrol propelled variants also come with similar settings.

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Check the oil level

Start the troubleshooting by checking the oil in your lawnmower. Bring it to a plane surface, take out its fuel dipstick, and wipe it clean. Insert the stick back to the tank and take it out once again to check the oil. Add some more fuel if required. You should change the oil after every 30 to 50 running hours or as recommended by the instructions manual. 

Check the spark plug

If the fuel level is to find and still the mower is not starting, then you should check the spark plug. Take it out and see if it’s wet. Use a carburetor cleaner to clean the spark plug and allows it to dry. Using compressed air for cleaning is not enough, because it will not remove the oil residue. Drain the fuel if its more than 30 days old and try to start the machine again after filling it fresh fuel.

If the spark plug is dry, then reseat it properly. If there are any screws, make sure they are tight to allow a proper flow of spark. Replace the spark plug if it’s exhausted. Next time onward, don’t leave your mower out in the open, especially when it’s raining.

Take a look on the flywheel brake

This brake stops the engine when you are not using a mower. The flywheel brake could be lodged or its wiring might be faulty. In such a situation, you need to replace the brake, wiring or both.

The mower cannot start if its blade is clogged due to clippings and debris. Move the mower to a plane surface and clean its underside using a garden shower and brush. Make sure you turn off the mower and take out its spark plug before you touch the blade. Once the mower is clean, try to start it again.

Inspect the carburetor bowl

An engine cannot operate if its fuel filter is jammed. To check the same, you need to take out the fuel line from the carburetor and wait for any gas to come out. If gas pours out of the line, then replace the fuel filter because it clogged. By any chance, if you don’t see any gas at this stage, then the fuel line needs a replacement.

Finally, you need to inspect the carburetor bowl for any fuel. Remove the bowl using a c-clamp to check. If you don’t find anything here, then the problem is with the stuck inlet needle.

Remove the inlet needle

Take out the float pin and catch the float, retaining spring and inlet needle using a rag. Take out the rubber seat at last. Replace all the components by reversing all these steps.

Check rest of the carburetor

Inspect the carburetor for any other damage or white powdery deposits. If you notice any corrosion, then replace the components because it will not work anymore. Instead, you can also try to boil the disassembled carburetor for 30 minutes in vinegar. The process could remove all the corrosion and the carburetor might work, otherwise you need to purchase a new one.