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Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons and it allows every grass on the lawn to shine and grow fast as compared to other times of year. The main reason is the longer days that allows more sunshine for the plants and they tend to grow more. One needs to take extra care of the lawn at this time so their lawn will remain beautiful throughout the year. If you neglect your grass at this time, then it will lose its charm for the whole year. Due to the fast-growing pattern, your grass needs constant and regular mowing, weeding, watering, and maintenance. You also need to cover the sparsely grasses areas with excess seeds. It will be more productive at this time.

Before you start your lawn maintenance, you should follow the given steps. It will thus lead to better results.

Cleanup: All leaves, twigs, and debris should be removed from the lawn before cleaning it. This all must have covered the lawn from many previous years and have made it dirty. This clean-up should be the first thing if you are going to maintain your lawn.

Equipment servicing: No matter what type of blades you are using; it needs to be sharp. In this way grass-cuts are clean. Uneven edges will be produced from the blunt ends. The discolored lawn will be more prone to pathogen attack and will look disastrous. The lawnmower should also be serviced so that you get a smooth job. If you want to buy a high quality cordless lawn mower visit here the best reviews.

After you have done the preparation maintenance should be done in the following manner:


During the spring season mowing should be done daily as the grasses grows every day and will be very long pretty soon if you don’t mow them regularly. Determine the cutting height according to the growth and season. Mowing height should be reduced while we approach spring and lawn mowing should be more frequent as we approach the spring season.


Similar to all living organisms, grasses also need food to live. Spring is the most beautiful season to add some fertilizers so that the grasses can nurture and groom very well. Nutrition is the only reason which will help you make your grass thicker, green and beautiful. In this way, it will last throughout the year.

Moss killing

Poor drainage or soil conditions make the moss grow in the lawn. It can mess with your lawn. Both chemical or non-chemical ways are available to kill mosses. The most common non-chemical way is known as non-scarification. Vigorous racking on the lawn is performed in this method. Another method is the usage of non-chemical fertilizer bectar which will kill the moss and also proof beneficial to the grasses.


The first step in over-seeding is the breaking of mud using a fork for a finer mud or soil. Secondly, plan the lawn seeds in arear wherein grasses are sparse to achieve fine growth. Rake is used in the end for the fine mixing of seeds with the soil and feels free to use the net in case birds attack it.


If your lawn has become uneven and contains low spots then this is necessary. 1-3 kg on top surfaces along with dressing for the lower surfaces is needed. Lawn seeds aid in this process.


This is the last, but most important step. You will not have a perfect and a beautiful lawn unless you don’t water it. At the end of the spring, the season lawn becomes dry but don’t worry raining season is around the corner which will make it fresh again. Spray hose or sprinkler can be used sideways to make your grass look fresh and thick.

For maintaining, the healthy grass watering is the key to success. If the surface is dark and strong use a fork to make holes inside the mud. In this way the best cross-ventilation is possible. Do this watering practice after every 10 days and make sure you don’t flood your lawn. The saturated limit is 10cm. 20 liters once a week is required by the one square meter of the lawn for healthy growth.