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When someone starts living abroad then their way of living also becomes the same. So they find it difficult to marry the desired life partner who can adjust with them and commit to living together or a person who understands them in a better way. Though marriage should be done by thinking carefully to identify the ideal partner well and make the choices carefully to avoid any problem in the life to come. Nowadays the NRI matrimonial depends on where you are born and where you have to spend a young age. These two things have become very important.

Delay in process

This is the most complaint NRIs make. A lot of NRIs have the issue of not accepting the proposal fast when it comes to investment, there they go through lots of background checks and silly questions. They encounter delays in every process and acceptance related to marriage. That’s why NRIs need to see authentics matrimonial service that ensures a smooth process and has a reputation in the market. 

Legal Discrimination

Legal marriage certificates and other marital documents are quite different from those who choose for a desi marriage within their India.

Distance Issues

Distance is yet another meter that hurdles the NRI marriage. Desi people and typical Indian relatives of the bride or groom don’t prefer marrying their kid in a long distance. They want to be close to their bahu and beta. 

Different Thinking Process

You will easily find a huge paradigm shift in people living in India and parents of NRI groom or bride. There is a difference between relatives, parents, and family bonds. That could be due to their living place as most of the people from abroad live independently. They have different challenges and experiences of life that they face, whereas in a desi Indian Punjabi family child loves to live with their parents. 

Unmatched Living Standard

There are linguistic boundaries, blood backgrounds, and different living standards that are poles apart from each other. Again parents from India are very rigid about educational qualifications also they do not want their child to marry another country or language person. Like Brahmins do not want an outsider to welcome in their home or Bengalis prefer Bengalis only. 

Non-residents of India find it too difficult to marry someone from the Indian culture. Indians have an inseparable touch in everything from their genetic, history, traditions, influence on their beliefs. Every Indian has very closed deep roots. Indian parent’s linguistic, typically, standard, source of income, and boundaries also play a role of their own. In such a case, you should consider finding their soulmate from NRI matrimonial services to choose their partner according to your preference based on specifications like age, family background, features, education, body type, and most important occupation. 

Millions of people of Indian origin have built their homes in the USA. Mostly Indian women prefer to get married to an NRI man, the most common problem associated with such a wedding is the abandonment of the bride by the NRI groom. And in some Indian regions, the problem is so grave that regional authorities are starting special initiatives to avoid the offending of NRI grooms.

Another serious problem of NRI marriage is the mental and physical abuse the bride ought to face at the hands of her husband, and many Indian women have to go through the traumatic experience of discovering that their spouse is already married to another person. If an NRI man takes the countrywoman with him by marrying her, not necessarily the way of thinking if both of them will be the same. Many family members are afraid of how their girls will go to another country, so even they do not agree with NRI matrimonial.  Also, one thing is scariest that many family members tell lies that their child does a very good job in an abroad country.

If we talk about our culture and family, they are very close in their circle and at times it becomes unmanageable to get well with the other culture. Some people believe in not marrying outside their caste and religion too, and most of the people do not want to marry their child out of them forthwith. Between the difference in relatives, culture, family bonds, parents, and more. Millions of people from other countries live in India with the intention to stay independent and it’s at times hard for the person to remain all alone.


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