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We all have a few people that are dearer to us than the others. Gifting is one of the ways to make them feel special and let them know how much you mean to them. If your special someone is a woman then gifting her jewellery is an excellent idea since jewellery and women have a very special connection. All the special occasions in a woman’s life are incomplete without jewellery. Listed below are five occasions when you can gift jewellery to your loved ones.


The best occasion to present a jewellery to your significant other is on the day you propose marriage to her. Your engagement is a momentous occasion that you can make more special by gifting any beautiful sapphire engagement rings to your partner. Not only will this gesture sweep her off her feet but will also remind her of this moment whenever she looks at her engagement ring.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine ’s Day is a day when you profess your love to the loved ones in your life and the perfect way to do so is gift a jewellery item to them. It can be a pair of earrings or necklace or a brooch. Ditch the conventional Valentine’s Day gift and choose a jewellery item instead to make the day more special. Whether you have been married for years or have just started dating, nothing says I love you better than a gifted jewellery item.

Wedding anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is a day where you commemorate the occasion where you got married to your significant other. Your wedding was surely a significant event in your life and remembering and celebrating the day each year will make you cherish the bond and love that your share with your spouse. The perfect anniversary gift is an eternity ring which has pave set diamonds signifying eternal love.


Birthdays are one such occasion that warrant a gift to the person who turning a year older. If your loved one is celebrating their birthday, especially milestone birthdays such as 50th birthday or a sweet sixteen birthday, then surprising them with a great gift such as a diamond tennis bracelet or a pendant will make their day extra special. Gifting them a beautiful piece of jewellery is an excellent way to make their birthday more memorable.


We all know that Christmas is synonymous with gifting. It is that time of the year where everyone is celebrating and playing Santa. If you are confused about what to buy for your loved ones or are looking for gift ideas for grandparents then jewellery can come to your rescue. Gifting a beautiful brooch to your grandmother or mother and a beautiful pair of earrings to your significant other can be great ways to make their Christmas merrier. Additionally, there are a lot of sales going on at this time of the year so you can buy gifts at a discounted price. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are a good option to opt for your partner during this period.