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Many people across the globe have Parkinson’s Disease along with mild to acute symptoms of the central nervous system. However, all of these patients have something in common- their hands shake involuntarily. They cannot carry out regular tasks like bathing, dressing, etc., without help. Their hands shake so much they drop things as their grip is weak. This medical condition in such patients is called essential hand tremors that medicines, unfortunately, cannot cure.

Patients lose their dignity as they rely on family members or caregivers for their daily activities. This is shattering for most people who were proud of living independently without assistance in the past.

Joon Faii Ong – Arresting essential hand tremors

Joon Faii Ong is the Founder of Gyro Gear, a respected name in wearable technology and healthcare in the USA. He created the Gyro Glove for patients with essential hand tremors. His creation has a back-story where he encountered a 103-year woman as a medical student at a hospital in London.

Story of the Gyro Glove

After finishing his graduation, he was assigned to look after a 103-year-old woman. Her illness was uncertain, and the medical team did not diagnose the disease correctly. He returned to check on her only to discover she struggled with a soup bowl. Her hands shook so much she kept spilling the soup more than what she was taking. The sight moved him so much that he asked the nurses about her current medications. They said none of them worked. This heart-wrenching moment shocked him a lot, and he resolved to improve the lives of such patients by inventing the Gyro Glove.

Medicines do not help patients with essential hand tremors.

Patients with essential tremors cannot take medicines as a cure as they never work. He remembered his days as a little boy playing with spinning tops. If you examine them, they spin in an upright position. External forces do not impact them. They deploy a technology called the Gyroscope technology you often find in the aerospace and the aviation industries. He used this technology for making gyro glove.

Regain their dignity with a compact and convenient glove

This glove will help patients get back their dignity in life. They no longer need to rely upon a caregiver or a family member to do daily tasks. The glove is convenient to wear and helps patients get a firm grip on everything they want to hold.

Gyro Glove helps counters input forces to make the hand stay upright. People get a tight grip, and they stop dropping objects. The glove’s design is compact and looks like a regular one. Presently, it is in the testing phase for patients with essential hand tremors. When it passes all the quality tests, it will be available in the market for patients to buy across the globe.

Joon Faii Ong is assisted by dedicated healthcare professionals, engineers, and specialists to create the Gyro Glove. He has the mission of improving the lives of millions of people with essential hand tremors across the world.