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Gene Bernshtam – Key Factors to Consider Before Starting a Car Collection

By February 22, 2022No Comments

Building a car collection of your own requires knowledge. Many people fail to achieve their dreams because they lack information. If you are interested in cars, you should invest time in gaining adequate and proper knowledge to start.

Gene Bernshtam is a successful property development professional in real estate investments who is fond of weight-lifting, scuba diving, traveling, and collecting cars. He has several years of credible experience in the field of business management and leadership as well.

Why do you want the car collection?

According to him, before you buy your first automobile for your car collection, know why you want to collect cars? Is it for investment or display? You must ask yourself these hard questions before you begin. For example, keeping a fleet of old classic cars demands much more than patience, commitment, and resources.

Space for your collection

Proper storage of your cars matters as this will curb maintenance costs in a big way. You should carefully consider the logistics of storing your cars. The area you dedicate for car storage should be near your home. It should be maintained well and easily accessible, in event of an emergency.

Choose a “focus” area for your car collection

Car lovers generally select cars made by the same manufacturer or automobiles of the same era. When you know the type of cars you want to collect, this adds additional value to your car collection.

Networking with other car collectors to acquire information and knowledge

Reach out and connect with other avid car collectors to get sound technical advice about automobiles. Build your network with people who are experts in car collection. Experienced collectors give you salient tips and advice about cars and the best places from where you can buy them.

Join a group of avid car collectors

Personal research matters however, joining a group of like-minded car collectors does have its advantages, especially if you are new to the field.

Levels of commitment

After you have figured out why you want to start a car collection with advice from experienced collectors, the next step is to consider how much time do you want to invest in it. You should hire a professional mechanic for regular maintenance. It is a costly affair however, if you are a DIY car collector, it will take up a lot of your time.

Know where the automobiles have been

Before buying a car, know where it has been. Every experienced car collector gives importance to provenance. A clear provenance implies the collector has complete information of the car and its past, like for instance, where it has been, the type of maintenance it has received, where the car was stored, and whether some parts of the car are original or not.

Each and every aspect of the car is taken into consideration. Last but not the least, Gene Bernshtam recommends you keep some money aside for car maintenance. This helps you to keep all your cars in good shape and ensure they function well on the roads.