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Generally lying underneath the skin in our arms, legs and other body parts; varicose veins are the stratums that are enlarged. They often cause pain and inflammation apart from giving ugly looks. World renowned London varicose veins treatment clinic and other organisations provide their valued services.

Finding the perfect treatment method – The wise physicians suggest the following unique procedures for treating varicose veins and the patients can choose the one that suits them the most:

  • Microsclerotherapy – Use of smaller needles is made to get rid of the problems related with the varicose veins. The negligible pain during the process does not make any problem for the patients.
  • Sclerotherapy – The wise physician injects a solution into the affected veins for changing the blood route. This procedure makes the blood to travel through the healthier veins that help in reabsorbing the affected veins into the adjoining tissues. This process does not involve any numbing. Minor discomfort during the process is the only issue. After the treatment is over, the wise physician may suggest using compression stockings for a few days.
  • Laser treatment – The affected veins are closed off with the bursts and high-intensity light and the varicose veins are zipped. No cuts or needles are involved in this special therapy. Patients with smaller varicose veins find great relief.
  • Endoscopic vein surgery – This is a special procedure to be performed only by an experienced surgeon. This operation is done with the help of a small camera that is fitted across a small tube. It is put into the affected vein by cutting the skin. A surgical device is attached at the end of the tube that is meant for closing off the varicose vein. Patients whose skin is affected with severe ulcers due to varicose veins find great relief with this procedure that works wonders. The affected guys could return back to their usual tasks after undergoing this special procedure that is so popular these days.
  • Endovenous ablation therapy – Varicose veins can be treated well with this special procedure wherein radio or laser waves are used for closing the affected stratums. Patients do not feel unconscious during this unique procedure that keeps them awake. The affected area adjoining the varicose veins is numbed. A small cut is then made in the skin, followed by insertion of a thin tube into it. Use of a device with radio or laser wave is involved under this procedure that involves heat that helps in closing off the affected stratums. Use of compression bandage for wrapping the patient’s legs after the procedure is often made.

Other usual methods of treating varicose veins include compression stockings, the elevation of legs and special exercises. The wise doctors suggest dietary changes too that also give good results. Those suffering from this problem may contact London varicose veins treatment clinic, known for its satisfactory services.

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