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You must have noticed that when a brand launches a new product, its packaging is unique. The designer tends to design the packaging box elegantly and professionally. And that is the only way to attract and impress new clients. Have you ever wondered how much difficulty a brand would have faced if we did not use packaging as a way to convey info to our clients? With the help of packaging boxes, we tell the customer about the product’s unique features and how exactly to consume the item.

Custom boxes have brought great comfort and ease to our lives. But other than branding, many brands tend to use a unique-looking packaging box for new products. Each day we could see a distinguished case sitting on the shelf representing a newly arrived product. The more unique a packaging box appears by appearance, the more customers it can attract. But what box should we use for our new products? What factors should we consider while buying and designing the packaging box? And how does it affect our business?

We would be discussing five packaging boxes that are the best when we need to launch a product.

Rigid Boxes and Their Uses:

These packaging boxes should be used when you need to sell expensive products. Many luxurious brands use these boxes and get them customized with high-quality customization techniques. Rigid boxes are of high quality and are sturdier than cardboard boxes. These packages are often preferred to use for gifts and fragile items.

Rigid packaging boxes get overlapped with an embellished paper to give it a flawless look. Other than that, these boxes are organic, recyclable, and reusable.

Paperboard Boxes and Kraft Boxes:

The use of both of these boxes has increased drastically. The products that we use daily often get packed in paper boards or kraft boxes. The use of these packaging boxes is limitless.

Whenever we buy a box of chocolate, you must have noticed that it’s a paperboard box. When we purchase popcorn or any food item, it gets packed in a kraft box. Many people consider these boxes fragile. But it is true as they are sturdy as well as durable and reliable. And that is the reason why we use custom boxes wholesale for numerous products.

Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes:

Cardboard packaging boxes are very prevalent all over the world. There are no retailers that do not use these boxes. If you were to walk into a store, you would notice that most products get packaged into these boxes for shipping. Other than that, corrugated packaging boxes are also gaining popularity.

Corrugated boxes weigh to be sturdier because they contain a zig-zag layer of packaging material. And that is what gives it more durability. Meanwhile, for cardboard boxes, we press paper board or kraft packaging material to form a thick sheet. And then mold it into the desired shape.

Their advantages, features, and uses are similar. Let us discuss some of them.


  • Both of these boxes are reliable, sturdier, and durable.
  • Both of these custom boxes are biodegradable, organic, recycle, and reusable.
  • Both of these boxes follow the 3R of sustainability.
  • Both of these boxes are customizable and printable.

But a packaging box cannot always be ideal. Let us discuss some of these flaws:

  • Both of these boxes are permeable. But if we use high-quality material, we may be able to keep the moisture and radiation out.
  • Both of these boxes may be fragile if we use low-quality material.
  • Both of these boxes need to be assembled; it means that no glue holds them together, and we would need to use tape or adhesive separately.

Magnetized Boxes:

Magnetized packaging boxes are the most popular type of boxes among popular brands. You must have noticed that when we buy an expensive watch, its packaging box appears unique. The box resembles luxurious by appearance and also by its features. These packaging boxes contain a magnet in their closing flap and the container.

It’s safe to say that these custom boxes UK are the definition of a perfect luxurious box. You can also recycle these packaging boxes and can use them to pack gifts for your loved ones. Some people consider these boxes non-organic. But it’s not true as you can recycle them and can also reuse them. Other than that, these boxes are firm and secure fragile items under any condition. These packaging boxes increase the worth of the product placed in them.

Metalized Boxes:

These packaging boxes have been getting used as gift boxes. Metalized packaging boxes are like any other ordinary but overlaid with metalized foils. A shiny metallic foil makes our packaging boxes look elegant and superior. We all know that gloss lamination is getting used to giving a luminous appearance to our packaging boxes, not to mention several other advantages. We could say the same for metalized boxes.

These packaging boxes are not limited to the packaging of one product. Instead, you can use them as a gift box. You can recycle them and can also use them as a storage box for your ornaments.

Characteristics of metalized boxes:

  • These packaging boxes are organic and biodegradable.
  • These packaging boxes serve the looks.
  • These packaging boxes represent the product professionally.
  • These packaging boxes are sturdy, firm, and reliable.
  • These custom packaging boxes are recyclable and reusable.