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A visa carries great importance to both the host country and the traveller. The travellers are going Australia more nowadays. Most nations will not allow U.S. citizen to cross its borders without any permission to come. There are reasons for which Visa is important:
• Immigration Control
The terrorism, economics and overpopulation, it is prestigious for any nation to monitor the entrance of the country. It allows a central government control how many international visitors can enter, how long they have permission to reside. The visa allows the outsiders to participate in, like work or tourism.
Identity Verification
The visa application has the process that allows a nation’s consular and immigration departments to verify the identity of the visitors prior to his arrival. They check the background of people before giving Australia tourist visa for Indian, like their economic and criminal background.
The department knows as consular has the right to refuse to refuse the entry before the traveller even comes on their soil. This will be done if there is the negative result of his identity verification.
While planning to visit another country for tourism as well as business, a traveller will obtain the visa. Some nations such as Australia will only need an Electronic Travel Authority obtained through the airline.

There are total 185 types of visas; there are two main categories of Visas. Non-immigrant visa- includes tourism, business, work or studying.
Immigrant visas- are for people migrating to the United States.
Maximum people use Tourist Visa: Mostly people take the Australia tourist visa from India for enjoyment or holiday, or to visit family and even friends. This visa may be used other short-term non-work purposes.
The visa is available to all passport holders who are not from Australia and they can apply for a visa for Australia.
Some documents required for Australia Tourist Visa for Indians:
1. Application form (Form 1419)
2. Verified copies of all passport pages: since the people are submitting original passport, one need to submit verified copies of all passport non-blank pages.
One can either get it verified through a notary or VFS staffs verify it at Rs. 10 per page.
3. One need to submit photos 35mm by 45mm. One needs to give one of them.
4. All the travel proofs- hotel bookings, flight tickets etc.
5. One needs to give proof of financial ability- 3 years tax returns, bank statement etc.
6. If one is doing the job then leave approval then Read about Indian e-Visa.

Processing time for getting Australia visa for Indians:
1. 15 working days and sometimes in 10 days approx.
2. More time if there is any agent between them.
3. Take the time of one month before the date of travel.
4. All the documents submitted then these documents will send to the embassy.
5. The applied will receive a confirmation email.
One need not carry the laptops, security will not allow in it. One can carry only if there are two persons, one can carry that laptop in the journey.

Preety Rani

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