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We live in a time where the fear of missing out is deeply embedded in popular culture. People feel the need to stay continually connected, be everywhere and know everything, or else they might miss out on experiences that are fundamentally important for leading a full and happy life.

So, when the weekend is coming up, you have to go out and socialize, even if you don’t feel like it, because everyone else is doing it and you’d probably regret it if you don’t, right? But what if you break this pattern of going out all the time and decide to stay inside every once in a while? You might realize that you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. So, here are some valid reasons to switch things up a bit and stay in instead of leaving the house.

Spend some quality time with your friends

One of the reasons people go out is because they want to spend time with their friends. But more often than not, meeting up with your friends in a public location can actually stop you from doing that. Bars, clubs and other public venues are not exactly the ideal places to catch up with people or have deep conversations. When there’s loud music, lots of noise and countless other people around you, there’s not much room left for bonding or even talking.

So, if you really want to spend quality time with the people you care about, staying in is a much better option. You can chat the night away and have a great time, without being interrupted by anything or anyone.

Spend quality time with yourself

Having an active social life and being surrounded by friends and family is both a need and a blessing. As humans are intrinsically social beings, we have a fundamental need to relate and crave connection. But that doesn’t mean we have to stay connected at all times. In fact, not making space for some alone time in your schedule can be detrimental to your mental health.

It’s just as important to spend time with yourself as it is to spend time with others. Staying in is a form of self-care that will allow you to reflect, get to know yourself better and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Save money

Staying in is not just about fulfilling your emotional and spiritual needs. There’s also a very practical aspect to take into consideration – saving money. The moment you step out of the house, you start spending money. Sure, one can argue that a night on the town doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and that’s true. You can practice self-control, but after a few drinks you’ll probably forget all about your budgeting plans. Besides, if you add up all the money you’ve spent on going out over the course of a year, you’d be surprised at the final amount.

On the other hand, staying in is free. Even if you decide to throw a party of one, it will still be a lot cheaper than going out. If you’re on a tight budget or if you want to save your money for something important, a few nights in will make a difference to your budget.

Wear whatever you want

It’s nice to dress up, put some makeup on and feel like you’re ready to take on the world. But let’s face it, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sweats (or nothing at all) is way more comfortable. When you stay in, you can wear whatever you want and not worry about what other people might think of your appearance.

And if you want to look nice and be comfy at the same time, you can simply look up pyjamas in Canada and choose the cutest and most comfortable pair of pj’s. Then you can grab a glass of wine, put on your favourite show and feel like you’re in heaven.

Unwind and relax

Let’s say you’ve had a long stressful week at work and you’re running low on energy. The last thing you want is to spend ages getting ready for an evening out, put on uncomfortable clothes, wear shoes that make your feet hurt and be surrounded by a loud crowd for hours.

Sometimes, what your body needs is a nice relaxing weekend of doing nothing. We bet that the prospect of staying at home and lying on your couch all day is much more appealing in these circumstances. So, cancel your plans, unplug your phone and get ready to unwind and recharge your batteries.

Avoid crowds

If you’re not a big fan of crowds and you don’t like to be surrounded by tons of sweaty people, drinking and screaming in your ear, clubs and bars are probably your least favourite places. Even if you enjoy partying, going out every single week can become dull and tiring at some point.

So why not choose to enjoy some peace and quiet instead? It can be truly refreshing to spend some time in a place where you can actually hear your thoughts and not get pushed and shoved around by other people.

Do whatever you like

One of the greatest advantages of staying in is the fact that you have the luxury of doing whatever you want, whenever you want. You are free to spend your time as you see fit and not depend on or be influenced by anyone else’s tastes and preferences.

You can listen to the music you want, eat food that is not overpriced without being judged for your culinary preferences at 3 AM, dress up or dress down. You don’t have to make small talk, pretend to be interested in what the others are saying or see people that you don’t actually like. You’re the one who calls the shots and that can feel absolutely fantastic.