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When you are wearing an engagement ring like the coffin ring that features a gemstone, why should it be suggested that you take it off? Well, there are several varying reasons. Removing rings that feature gemstones while performing certain activities not only leaves them looking shiny and great for longer, it also helps in avoiding serious potential damage. Rough conditions and harsh chemicals can bring irreversible damage to your gemstone ring and its settings. Here is a simple guide as regards when it’s best to take off your ring.


  1. When applying perfumes, lotions, and sprays

Even careful individuals do not normally consider taking off their ring when getting ready to paint the town red. After all, what damage can a little perfume, body lotion, or hairspray do? Well, they do a lot of harm. The lotion is quite harmful as it diminishes your jewellery gemstone’s lustre and shine. Though perfumes aren’t directly applied to your ring, they are still chemicals that could ultimately build up, particularly when you apply other things while wearing your ring. It’s similar for hairspray, which is also capable of leaving a residue on your ring.


  1. Cleaning the home, dishes, car, etc

When cleaning your home or car, you surely don’t wear the best clothing in your closet. It’s the same logic that applies to wearing gemstones when doing them. Not only does your coffin engagement ring suffer greatly from getting hardly knocked against a table corner, counter, or any other firm surfaces, but it could also be damaged by the varying cleaning tools and solutions you are using. This isn’t just about scratches and dents, but about permanent damage to the gemstone, its settings, and even the metal band’s colour.


  1. Swimming and exercising

These are both beneficial, fabulous activities. Nevertheless, your gemstone isn’t just knocked about as you cycle, run, or perform yoga, but your workout sweat also affects it negatively. The gemstone could even fall out with enough banging.


Swimming also affects your ring. Many people feel that your ring is safe when you swim so long as it isn’t loose. This is quite far from the fact as in addition to shrinking your fingers causing the ring to slip off due to a looser fit, most cold water, including salt and chlorinated ones, are capable of altering metal’s texture and colour. So, at best, your ring might just change in appearance, and at worst, it could fall off and be lost forever.


Gemstone rings are meant for you to wear to show off as they are truly beautiful. Nevertheless, you must take proper care of them to keep them looking that way. This isn’t just about getting them cleaned and polished frequently but also about not exposing them to certain conditions and materials. They should be cleaned only with water and dish soap, which is a much gentler solution.


When you are in doubt, ensure that you leave your engagement ring such as the coffin ring somewhere that is safe. After all, being safe than sorry leaves you a lot better off. Care for your ring very well.

Preety Rani

Article is published on this site by Preety who is an employee at Tablet Hire which is ipad hire company in the United Kingdom.