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Think about your best memory that you have of holidays and vacations. How you had the best time of your life. How you shared laughter with your loved ones and created so many stories for saving in the pocket that will be told in all your future endeavors and vacations.

And now think about your dream destination, about ‘The Vacation’. The place and kind, you want to go to, the way you want to spend your time with the people you love and value the most. Eventually, these are the only happy memories that will last in our old age. The relaxed feeling that you want to have and the peaceful air that you want to breathe in with all this around.

Are these two vacations different for you? If you are like most of us, the answer must be yes, and in that case, the later one must be seemingly more relaxed and more towards the fairytale and perfection for you. Well, do you imagine yourself on the mountains doing a trek, or on a beach lying on a teak lounger relaxing and feeling the salty air having the smell of peace and silence? Or maybe in a forest somewhere, bird watching and looking at nature from just an inch distance? Or on a jungle safari, steering out of the vast nothingness and searching for some rare animal?

For some of us, the definition of vacation has a very different meaning. We want the life to be a vacation, a holiday and a restful desire that we want to spend all life. Well, their teak loungers lie in their backyard, beside their swimming pool and not near the beach. These relaxed people are only a few and can actually afford to be in such relaxed state of mind due to their luck, kind of profession they are in or maybe financial condition that they and their family behold.

The rest of us keep daydreaming and chasing our vacation to the extent that we can and sometimes while doing so even lose our beautiful smiles and our genuinity. While it is important to be ambitious and keep taking steps towards our destinations, sometimes it becomes imperative to just stop, take a deep breath and convince ourselves to go for a vacation. Such vacations not only keep us sane and bring our smiles back, they also ensure that we understand the meaning of life the way it should be understood.

So, next time when you find yourself amid the chaos of life, surrounded by the cyclone called ‘life’, fulfilling the responsibilities put on you by everyone around you, running at the pace that others are, and just flipping through the pages of life without mindfulness, take a step back. Apply for a vacation. Book your tickets. Go for holidays, and feel yourself near nature. Who knows where your teak lounger lies, and what you are meant to do. And breathing some pure air, won’t harm you in any case.

Keep evolving, keep smiling!

Sahil Arora

The provider and publisher of this content is Mr Sahil Arora who works as Digital Marketing Executive at Tablet Hire which is ipad hire company in the United Kingdom.