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Every year, about 200 people are killed and over a million are injured in workplace accidents. With these alarming figures, maintaining workplace health and safety is critical. Everyone is involved in upholding safety rules and addressing any potential hazards at work, from managers to employees.

Working at a height is a common cause of death and injury. Employees who work at certain elevations put themselves at risk of falling. Employees who aren’t aware of safety precautions, don’t have the skills to work at such heights, and don’t have the proper equipment and clothing are more likely to fall.

Employers, on the other hand, should devote resources to improving worker safety. Height training should be required for employees who work at heights. By doing so, employers can improve their employees’ working conditions and overall well-being.

Here are five reasons why your employees should take working safely at heights course with Easy Guides.

  • It promotes a healthy and safe work environment.

The primary goal of providing height training to employees is to ensure their health and safety. When your employees are properly trained, the environment in which they work changes as well. They will be more knowledgeable and skilled at what they do, as well as protect their co-workers’ safety. It reduces the number of mishaps.

Workplace accidents can damage a company’s reputation. If there is no worker’s compensation in place, employers can be sued for negligence, which can harm the company’s finances and long-term viability. Furthermore, as a result of this, the business license may be revoked or even closed down. Because unexpected falls are a contributing factor in some workplace accidents, heights training can help to reduce the number of incidents.

  • Employee morale improves as a result.

Another advantage of investing in employee height training is that it boosts morale.Employees who receive training will have more confidence in their abilities to complete their tasks. When people feel safe and happy at work, their productivity increases.

  • A comprehensive height training programme is included.

Height training has many benefits, one of which is that it is all-encompassing. This means that the training will cover a wide range of topics, such as ladders, anchor use, PPE, and rescue systems. The same safety rules apply regardless of the access equipment they use. The training will not only cover all of the fundamentals, but it will also help anyone who works at a height to improve their skills.

  • Establishes an excellent fitness and safety culture.

You’ll notice a difference in your running environment when fitness and safety are prioritised, and your staff is properly trained. Everyone becomes accustomed to following safe procedures, and co-workers watch out for one another.

Investing in height training could pay off in the long run for your employees. The Work at Height Regulations, as well as other applicable health and safety laws from the UK and around the world, are usually covered in the training. If your job requires you to work at heights, such as in construction, invest in heights training. These are the benefits of working safely at heights course with Easy Guides.