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Rings, such as the coffin ring, have remained a marriage symbol for more than 6,000 years. But, the modern (and more crucially, precious metals and stones) interpretation could be traced back to the middle ages. The idea of engraving wedding rings virtually started at the same time as the tradition itself. While being engraved is an amazing means of customizing wedding rings, it also brings a degree of security should the ring get stolen or be misplaced. What’s the correct line to be engraved into your rings? That is totally up to your heart. Remember that character counts vary according to the size and style of the ring, but if you are seeking some inspiration, this article offers some favourite ideas.

Unique engraving ideas for wedding rings

Several couples integrate shared interests into their biggest day. Here are a couple of ways for expressing your obsessions on your wedding rings.

  • Fans of Star Wars love ‘I love you’ and ‘I know’ as their engravings, while ‘one ring’ and ‘to rule them all’ will make for an eternal-love fare for fans of fantasy.
  • If music is your thing, lyrics from your first dance or favourite song are an excellent avenue to turn.
  • Phrases such as ‘you will never wonder alone’ or ‘adventure together’ do satisfy travel and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • I love you even more than … call of duty, chocolate, or bubble baths? Just insert whatever happens to be your obsession. In fact, you can easily get these engravings when you order coffin rings online for your wedding.

Funny engraving ideas for wedding rings

Virtually every single individual believes humour to be quite crucial in any relationship. If you are looking to bring a laugh to your wedding day, here are a couple of places you can start from.

  • Inscribe an inside joke that you are sure will keep going forever.
  • Do you have any goofy pet names for one another? This is a most excellent – and romantically private – place to begin using such names.
  • Get a real smile from having a real confession such as ‘I ate that last doughnut’ or just any other silly secret you have been keeping, engraved.
  • Have some real fun with marriage tropes like ‘better half’ or ‘no give-backs’.

Foreign-language engraving ideas for wedding rings

Certain languages are certainly languages of love. The following phrases bring passion to engravings.

  • Latin lovers are globally popular. Use ‘AMOR VINCIT OMNIA’ the powerful ancient Roman statement that means ‘love conquers all’ to channel timeless sentiments.
  • Use Para Siempre (Spanish for ‘Yours Forever’) or Amore Mio (Italian for ‘My love’) to go sweet and simple as a continental treat.
  • Have your wedding bands personalized with endearing phrases from your own ancestral mother tongue – whether or not you speak it?

There are other several engraving ideas you can use on wedding rings, like the coffin ring. An excellent one among such is engravings that celebrate the couple’s wedding date. Whichever engraving idea you decide to use, the ultimate goal is to have your wedding ring customized and secured for life. Using any of the ideas listed here will help you achieve that.

Preety Rani

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