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Bhopal is capital of Madhya Pradesh and is famously known as city of lakes. The city has various natural and artificial lakes and it is one of the olive green cities in the Nation. The city crowns the hearts of travellers through its extensive destinations.

When you are in Bhopal, you need not to worry about your stay. You can easily get Hotels near Bhopal station for your comfortable exploration.If you want to excite yourself more, just go through theTop 6 monuments of Bhopal right away!

  1. Taj-ul-Masjid

Taj-ul-Masjid is one of the most beguiling historical places in the city. It is an old mosque that brags of its beautiful architecture, fresco arts and Islamic engravings. Similarly, Taj-ul-Masjid is gorgeously themed on panaches of Syrian mosques and Qibla wall. It is emblazoned with eleven arches of work of trellis.

  1. Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple is created by Raja Bhoj and it is amongst most visited spots in Bhopal. Though the temple is incomplete in its construction, the lovely art work, the monolithic large Shiva Lingam and sculptures attract mystical believers, olden time’s enthusiasts and art fans to a great extent.

  1. GoharMahal

GoharMahal is apopular place to see in Bhopal. It speaks ofcultural legacy of this city of Nawabs. The spot is a gorgeous mansion built in shape of a palace. It represents a stunning mixture of Hindu and Mughal styles of architecture. The splendid palace is named after first female ruler of Bhopal, Qudisiya Begum who is also famously called Gohar Begum.It was under the supervision of this ruler that the palace came into existence in year 1820. Both its interiors and exteriors have been constructed with amazing attention to detail.

  1. Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan templeis also called Birla Mandir. It is one of the eighteen temples formed across the country by well-known Birla family. This temple is ornamented with the yellowish looks and situated at the top of Arera Hills.It caters a spectacular site of enclosed areas and lakes. The wide lawns spread along with graceful fountains and beds of multi-shaded flowers make this spiritual spot even more enchanting.

  1. ‘ShaukatMahal

The Mahal is constructed in the 19th century during rule of Sikander Begum who was daughter of Gohar Begum. The mehal is popular for its distinctive chic that describes a distinct combination of Indo-Islamicand Europeanelegances of architecture.Even after the period of two centuries, the magnificence of this historical monument remains unmatched in Bhopal.

  1. SadarManzil

SadarManzil holds a protuberant place in Bhopal. It is located head-to-head to royal Enclave that served as a regal courtroom for ruling head of city. The place is constructed with red bricks that provide it with an attractive appeal. The striking entrance is completely carved in wood that leads to a small gate. Its first store houses a huge terrace balcony and the features of second storey possess four domes, one in each corner. All in all, the entire spot is artistically rich!

So, find out Bhopal hotels 5 star for your stay and have a rich time in this Nawabi city!

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