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Noisy, diverse and colorful, India does not do the things to half. Are you looking for the destination of your next getaway? Here is to present 5 reasons to plan a trip in India!

  • Holi, the festival of colors

Here, we take the paintball very seriously Holi, the feast of colors, is a religious festival Hindu which usually takes place in the vicinity of the Spring Equinox,  BMW Business Lease in the month of March. Celebrating the spring and fertility, it is also the opportunity to discard the pigments of paintings to the people that surround you and make the Feast during 2 days.

The clouds of colors invade villages and cover the entire population, since your best friend to the priests in the temples, transforming Volvo Business Contract Hire the country in an architecture giant. Let your beautiful outfits in your suitcase and prepare yourself to spend the next few days to try to remove the paint that covers your hair. Udaipur is surely one of the best places to live this feast.

  • Golden Temple in Amritsar

In the Punjab region, the Golden Temple in Amritsar is the building the most sacred of Sikhs and a superb place to visit during a trip to India.

Visitors are greeted with kindness, then do not hesitate to pass through the gateway covered with mosaics which leads to the heart of the complex of temples. Prepare yourself to be dazzled by their golden walls, domes and the bright marble decorated with floral. The best is to go there in the darkness of the night, to see the complex all lit up and participate in the veneration of the sacred book of the Sikh religion.

  • Bollywood

Bollywood, Originating in Mumbai, the film industry of India produces thousands of movies and generates hundreds of billions of rupees turnover each year.

Rendezvous at the Liberty Cinema, the beautiful theater Art Deco District of the city, remarkable for its facade adorned a keyboard carved and embark for 3h of songs and dances extravagant. The film buffs demanding would prefer the Ebony Lounge, another complex more chic. It is even possible to visit the studios of Mumbai, in the hope of getting a manuscript or two.

  • The Colorful trucks

An image that is commonly in India is its circulation. But not any type of movement: In the middle of cows, bicycles and motorcycles are circulating of trucks to the reasons psychedelics, real masterpieces. Imagine the Rolls Royce of John Lennon, but in the format extra-wide. Here, more a truck is light, the better it is.

  • The Indian cuisine

Let us be honest, the kitchen triggers directly a kind of primary instinct when it comes to choosing a travel destination. And India is precisely known for its cuisine.

Direction Bangalore, for its countless, these coffees on the edge of the road where it serves delicious meals for a sum absolutely derisory. Devour an idli, a kind of cake to lentils, and bread Roast soaked in a sauce sambar and finish by a thick coffee, accompanied by a mignardise buttered to the almond paste.