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The United States is the most diverse and stupefying places to visit. From large skyscrapers to amazing mountains and beaches, there is a lot that you can see, learn, and experience. There are multiple vacation cities in the 50 amazing states that speak for themselves. If you think that Google or Instagram shots are worth looking at, try experiencing it first-hand! Declaring one city the best would be a difficult task here so we found it within ourselves to enlist the five best vacation spots for local and international tourists.

From eye-captivating natural beauty to enthralling man-made awesomeness, the experience here will make you want to move to vacation cities in America.

San Francisco

Often described as a refined cousin of Los Angeles, San Francisco does know how to make an image. A city filled with colorful neighborhoods, edgy art, and free-spirited people will certainly give you a big-city vibe with a bit of old-school rustic charm. The city is beaming with crazy nightlife and the food is just so imaginative.

You think that everything within the city is Instagram worthy but wait till you visit the more natural parts of the city. The San Francisco bay touches the magnificent Pacific Ocean where you can find stunning views and boat rides. If you are an adventurer, you will certainly love to have a cable car view.

Washington D.C.

Who can forget the centuries-old American history full of valor soldiers and genius minds? Washington D.C is an epitome of American history. While most people think of it as a city of diplomats and government officials, we say that the city is screaming American culture.

With huge monuments, eminent politicos, it has transformed from a cold busy city to a fairly energetic vacation spot for tourists. From amazing restaurants, cafes, clubs, and boutiques, we can say that the party in the USA just got crazier.

For history lovers, there are places like:

  • White House
  • Washington Monument
  • Capitol
  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
  • Basin

Book yourself a tour to explore what the fathers of this incredibly diverse nation did for them.

New York City

Vibrant, loud, and evolved to a whole new level, the Big Apple is the place to beat. If you love to explore this huge city of busy people, you will find yourself among the trendsetters of American evolution. While the main city offers an incredibly busy and trendy vibe, the neighborhoods are calm and collected.

Experience the amazing NYC vibe that you often see in movies. See the fast-paced people walking on the roads and footpaths, the classic yellow cabs, cocktails, street dances, and much more.

San Diego

San Diego is a consistently warm city that has an amazing coastline. People are likely to visit this remarkable city throughout the year. Because of the moderate weather conditions, thriving nightlife, and amazing cuisine, you will certainly love the vibe. The city houses one of the best zoos in the country. It also houses the best beaches.

New Orleans

If you want to experience Europe in America, then this is your city. A city of European style architecture but mouth-watering Southern food. New Orleans is home to music like Jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, and blues. Even though the city has experienced some seriously destructive hurricanes in the past, it still has managed to survive and offer the best.

Many people visit New Orleans for the Mardi Gras party which is more of bourbon-filled awesomeness. The visitors are a lot over the year so in any case, if you can’t get it, there are still a lot of places you can visit.

They also offer an informative walking tour of the French quarter where once the colonial heritage boomed. This area is also known as a home to the ghost lore and these folk tales still survive there.


America is a diverse place filled with so many vacation options. The beauty of this country will literally captivate you and you might start thinking to move to vacation cities here in America. In any case, we have discussed the top five cities in the country that are thriving with beauty, American culture and not to forget amazing technology-based evolution.