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The People Skills and Movie Theatre Manners You Should Know in Liberty Station

By September 12, 2018No Comments

: Imagine being in a commercial theatre that shows movies in Liberty Station and somebody is talking loudly to his companion. Somebody behind them then leans forward and asks whether they would please be quiet. The loud person then turns to his companion and in an even louder voice says, ‘how rude individuals can be these days is amazing”. Was the individual that asked for quite being rude or just asking for something he should rightly have?


The loud person was clearly under an impression that demanding for the quietness courtesy while viewing a movie is rude behavior as that upset the way he wanted to watch that movie. This occurs most when individuals are too wrapped up in themselves as well as their own comfort.


The man who asked for quite was not being rude, and in the not-so-courteous environment – he was courageous. No other person spoke up – even though every person surrounding Mr Loud was considering it.


Mr Loud was the one who was rude. Nevertheless, it appears that he did not even realize how loud he got or how far his voice travelled. When that got pointed out to him, rather than just saying, ‘Thanks” or excuse himself and be silent, he aggravated the situation by labelling the courageous courteous man as being rude.


This is a truly excellent reminder to every one of us that frequently visit a movie theatre in Liberty Station – and particularly as we do not sometimes know how we encounter or how our comforts and discussions could actually be rude or offensive to others. Now that the theatre is in your mind – here are some other things you should avoid.

  1. Talking while a movie is on – If you must offer commentaries on whatever is happening, in addition to stealing from whoever you are sharing the commentary with, it also steals hearing what’s being said next in the movie from you. Avoid this habit in meetings and theatres. Pay full attention – that compliments the actors and director – or the facilitator of your meeting. It is courteous to fellow attendees too.
  2. Using a cell phone in theatre – Facilities are handling this progressively more – no service within them. Nevertheless, turn off your phone when inside an event, any event.
  3. Feet on seats – We’ve turned into a truly casual society and kicking shoes off to be propped before us is such a mighty pleasure – except for the individual in the seat…this isn’t your home’s couch, so keep your feet fully down.
  4. Garbage – You purchased it and ate it, take it along to the trash bin please – this certainly helps individuals that are walking behind you not to step on yuck and it also makes it much easier for the facility to prepare things for the next show.


How we behave and our deeds in theatres that show movies Liberty Station influences everybody else that’s present there. Understanding is the key and doing all you possibly can to remain courteous will certainly make the whole experience to be amazing both for you and for everybody else that’s in the theatre too.

Preety Rani

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