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The foreign exchange trading is most commonly referred to as the concept of Forex Trading. On general terms, this is referred to as the concept of buying and selling the currency values so that one can make a lot of profit. This kind of trading is conducted across the globe and the largest markets are located in New York, Hong Kong, London and Tokyo.

 The whole market of forex consists of various entities which include financial institutions, brokers, banks and traders. This concept is highly popular among the retail traders because of the suitability and accessibility feature provided by them.

 Following are some of the benefits provided by this concept:

 –The forex caters to a global market: the size and scale of the forex type of trading make it highly popular among the investors. The world’s largest financial market is exchanged for US$4 trillion each day. Traders are located in every nook and corner of the whole world which makes the forex market a truly global marketplace with a lot of scope of profitability. The accessibility, volatility, technology, liquidity and trading hours of the forex market are various benefits to the investors which makes it highly popular among them.

 – This concept is very good for the beginners: Because of the feature of accessibility anybody can take advantage of forex trading. In comparison to all other markets, it is very easy to enter this market because there is no requirement of large initial investments. Just the thing required is knowledge and skill so that one can be very successful. A lot of companies also provide with the option of freedom of demo accounts so that one can practice forex trading without any kind of risk. The demo accounts also provide the individuals with chances to use the trading platforms and familiarize themselves with the market and all the other associated things. So, it is a very good option in case one wants to start with investment courier.

 -It is open 24 x 7: This is another great advantage of the forex trading. The forex trading takes place 24 hours a day over the counter. This means that the individuals can carry all transactions directly between parties which will be ultimately facilitated with the help of forex broker. Forex trading is not subjected to any kind of working hours. The forex market is closed for the retailers over the weekend and it is very much important that rates always continue to move so proper trading strategies should be formulated to mitigate any kind of risk.

 – The transaction-related costs are significantly low: To trade in forex market the transaction costs are significantly low in comparison to all other options. The brokers earn based on PIP. It refers to the point in percentage which is the difference between the bid price and asks the price. The individuals at the time of choosing the broker have to consider various associated costs so that most informed decisions can be made. Some of the brokers charge flat fee rates and on the other hand, some of the brokers go with the option of variable commission depending upon the amount of transaction undertaken through them.

 – There is a great benefit of leverage: Under the forex market, there is a great availability of concept of leverage which allows the individuals to open a high position with a very small amount of capital invested. The retail traders can also put down the deposit so that they can borrow against it to control a higher stake. This concept is very similar to placing a deposit down for a mortgage at the time of dealing in property.

 -The market has huge liquidity: Liquidity in general terms refers to the ease with which the assets can be bought or sold with the least effect on the value. The whole concept will depend on how active a particular market will be. The forex market is considered to be the most liquid market in the whole world of trading. The liquidity in this market allows individuals to trade effectively and efficiently with the least amount of risk involved.

 -The volatility factor: the forex markets are influenced by several factors which include the following things:

       The economic stability of a country

       The global economy

       The events and policies were undertaken in several countries and the political news

       The deals of trades

       Any kind of natural disaster occurred in any area of the whole world.

 In some of the cases the market becomes highly volatile this means that there can be significant movements in the whole values of currency which is a great opportunity to make a huge profit. But on the other side, this concept also comes with a high level of risk so movement can go in any of the directions. The volatility is also strongly attached to the concept of liquidity. The more the liquid will be currency pairs that they will be volatile. So, in case any of the individuals want to take that vantage of volatility concept then he or she must go with the option of proper formulation of strategies so that potential risks can be mitigated.

 -The technological factor: In comparison to all other markets and people who are dealing in stocks as well as shares the forex trading is a very good option. This market is prone to more technological advancements in the world of trading. Various software-based developers exist in this market or provide continuous improvement to several platforms which are available to the forex traders. Various innovations in the form of mobile-based applications and trading related algorithms are there along with global connectivity so that it is very much easy to trade effectively in real-time from any corner of the whole world. Hence, technology has provided several benefits

 So, all the associated benefits with the concept of forex trading have been explained. So, it is very much important for the investors to familiarize themselves with this concept before entering or involving their funds into this.

Sahil Arora

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