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Jewellery is always subject to trends, outside of classic pieces it’s one of the most fun and playful type of accessory out there, and the fashion world loves to reinvent it every season! 2019 has been the year of jewellery, no matter what form it comes in. Whether it’s statement, fashion, costume or fine, you won’t flip too far through a glossy mag before you stumble across a gorgeous trend highlight on the next huge jewellery craze. Here are the biggest and best jewellery trends of 2019, and how to wear them yourself…

Chunky Gold Accents

Shining, statement gold jewellery has had a massive comeback this year! Everyone and their mother have been rocking chunky gold pieces, and it’s easy to see why. This trend is reiterated from the opulence of the 80s, integrated with the refinement of the 90s, creating something minimal, chic but still incredibly stylish and somehow statement. The latest embodiment of this craze has been the chunky, or boyfriend, chain. Chain necklaces, rings and bracelets have literally graced the outfits of every on-trend fashionista out there.

How to wear it

Chunky gold pieces are perfect for dressing up your more casual outfits. The sumptuous gold-tone amps up denim, white tees and sneakers perfectly for an oh-so-chic contemporary 90s get up. Thick gold hoops and chains will also look amazing with your floral pieces, you can accessories and add a masculine contrast without overpowering the print. 

Beads and Shells 

The boho babe look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Draped multicoloured beads and layers of surfy shells have been the uniform of eclectic bohemian goddesses everywhere this year. Pukka shell necklaces, starfish earrings and glimmering neutral tones have led the beachside jewellery trend, adding a playful and unexpected touch to the runways. Beading is a little more underground, but by no means less chic.

How to wear it

Layer up strings of beads at different lengths to look glorious in a contemporary boho frock. Pair with a piece that features billowing sleeves, a flowing skirt and a plunging neckline to really look the part. For coastal chic contemporaries, make sure you rock the shell trend with a minimalist outfit. All black or white linen ensembles will look stunning with a few beachy embellishments here and there, don’t forget the mermaid waves for a full surfer girl vibe.

Mismatched and Asymmetric Earrings

The mismatched earring trend of a time-gone-by is back, and oh my is it looking better than ever! Odd earrings look incredibly fashion-forward and totally contemporary, perfect for those who really want to make a statement with their jewellery.

How to wear it

If you want to dip your toe into the trend, try opting for the same shape earrings, one in gold one in silver. Feeling a little more adventurous? Pairing a drop-down shape with a stud or a threader with a hoop looks awesome. Just be sure that the rest of your outfit is relatively classic to keep the balance – asymmetric earrings look really great with a sharp power suit.

Coin Detailing

Ah, coins, the trend that’s here to stay! Coin detailing is absolutely everywhere, and rightly so. It all started with the bold coin pendant, and now here we are – coin rings, earrings, bracelets and all. The 2019 coin trend sees extra embellishments including studded diamonds and moody stones like garnet embellishing intricately patterned coins.

How to wear it

Go for layering here, it looks fantastic. Chokers and delicate chains paired with a couple of coin pendants will dress up every outfit, wear this with a flowing white dress and cowboy boots to look jaw-dropping beautiful. Pair with an oversized button-up shirt and kick-flare pants to wear this look to work.

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