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You are probably considering having or attending a themed party like those from movies, in which everybody is dressed like a character or object from a film, an era and so on. Nevertheless, you are unable to decide what the best theme would be for you. Fear not as there many themes you can choose from. This article brings you several fancy-dress theme ideas and tips so you can decide the theme that’s best for you once and for all.

Animal theme:

This is always an excellent theme as it offers individuals a lot of room to manoeuvre, and also offers people who are boring the opportunity to actually draw some whiskers on and put on a cat ear headband or any other thing that is always very interesting. Conversely, outgoing individuals can go the whole way and attend the fancy dress party as a kangaroo or a monkey.

Around the world theme:

This fabulous theme is always a bit on top of the edge, but it is always taken in excellent spirits on a general level. You can be a potato or a leprechaun if you choose to be Ireland, a singer or a sheep if your choice is Wales, wear a beret or garlic necklace if you have chosen France, or finally be a shark attack victim or kangaroo for Australia. If this seems too much, do not forget that it is meant to be real fun.

Back from dead theme:

This theme is quite popular around the Halloween period. You can wear a Zombie costume in Australia as your outfit for this theme. This theme also comprises Monsters, Werewolves, Vampires and several other types of fanciful beasts and monsters. Some outfits might even come without any mask.

Beach party theme:

You can be a bit different with this one and go for the Victorian beach fancy outfit, or you can go truly main stream with Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Grass skirts appear just as appealing on guys as they appear on the ladies, and a huge sized stud wearing a beautiful bikini always adds an additional something to the themed party.

Indians and cowboys theme:

This is another classic theme that has survived for decades, but which always manages to remain among popular and reigning trends. Unless you reside in Texas, most people have no authentic reasons to wear spurs and carry a pistol by their side (even if it’s a fake one). You should therefore make the most possible of it.

Decade theme:

These are always a great option as they open individuals up to all sorts of things. They can sometimes be truly niche. Some among the most popular themes are 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, right up to the 1990s. Simply choose any of the famous individuals from that era, or any of the fashion choices that were popular during the era.

These are just the fancy-dress theme options which this article can take. Others will come in subsequent articles. It can be truly exhilarating to don a fancy-dress costume like the Zombie costume to a themed party. Whichever you decide to wear from the list, just ensure that you have as much fun as possible.

Preety Rani

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