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Handsome is not a single word. What it means is that when some say’s “You look handsome” is not only because of what your looks are? But it is also what you wear. And mind you often when you go to a party or an interview people may start looking from bottom to top. It means the first glance is at your shoes. So shoes are one of the most important wear. It is also because they give you not only the look but also the comfort as it is the basis for your daily walking, running, and jumping. Every day is not a party or a formal day, so the best shoes are the casual ones which can be worn on most occasions. And as it is summer, so let’s check out which are the finest casual shoes for men in summer;

Loafers or Moccasin Shoes

One of the most common shoe men wear all year-round and around the world. The loafer is made such that it is easy to slip in and out the foot without any laces. It is also referred to as moccasin, as some historical sources say both types of footwear have similar origins. Loafers can be used as Business casual wear.

Light Weight Boat Shoes

These shoes are lightweight and made from breathable fabric, which’s characteristic for the hot months of summer. They are made in different styles and designs. With a different outsole made from a variety of materials, they are like old boat shoes. But definitely one of the best casual shoes for men in summer.

Everyday Sneakers

Sneakers are also called trainers shoes, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, sports shoes & accessories, flats or running shoes basically are designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise. Today they are used every day for casual wear.

The Tuft Running Shoes

Running shoes provide sole foot cushioning, also give arch support and save from injuries and promote athletic performance to good levels. Your performance can reach a new level if they are of good quality. You can reach new heights of success with the resilience embedded in the shoe. Very common in use, many big boys just wear it casually on daily basis. As they come in handy for many situations like strolling around, having games at college, or for fun sake.

A good pair of sneakers or running shoes can be very expensive at times. But because of competition, there are numerous offers and deals always available throughout the year with regards to special occasions like FIFA World Cup, European Championships or special day’s celebration like Easter, New Year, and Father’s Day, etc. It is just for us to research and find the best ones, attractive deals like the Sneakers N Stuff discount codes are one for us to reckon.

The Soft Canvas shoes

With a canvas top, these are an everyday choice for most men as they are soft, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear.

Derby shoes for the casual business wear

It is an excellent choice when comes to casual business wear. You can add a few to your shoe wardrobe for the year throughout. As there is a great variety of colours, materials, styles, and designs, they can be matched with a number of outfits, you need to carefully create a balance for that.


Monk Strap Shoes

Probably named after a monk from the Alps, it can be argued to be both a formal and informal casual shoe for a variety of occasions. It looks good with different blazers and even jeans. A shoe with double and single straps gives a unique look that suits different events. Though leather is the best material, they come in other synthetic materials as well.

Chukka Shoes

A classic style of shoes; they create the perfect balance between smart and casual wear shoes. They are also a good substitute for sneakers without burdening the dress shoe. Strikingly similar to the desert shoes but the difference lies with their sole.

Looks excellent when worn with a denim jacket and jeans. When paired with black jeans, or a crew-neck T-shirt with a blazer or chinos or a casual shirt, you are bound to get special attention.

Espadrilles Shoes or Sandals

These are casual shoes or high heel sandals made of canvas or cotton fabric on the upper. The flexible sole is usually made of jute with rubber underneath. Initially, women used to wear them but now men also wear them. From a picnic to a beach or café, these besotted espadrilles are a smart alternative to the boring flip-flops.

You will look handsome definitely

As Wesley Snipes said once “I don’t see myself as extremely handsome. I just figure I can charm you into liking me”. So when you wear one of these you are definitely going to be a talking point. But it all depends on your likings and the mix and match that you make with the shoes. These are some of the selected choices as far as Casual shoes for Men are concerned but you can choose from hundreds out there.