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Those who have gone through the process of Canada point’s calculator is able to tell that it is an overwhelming task. It takes a lot of paperwork to complete and during filling up the forms it is very easy to make a mistake. In order to make the process little easier for you, here are the 5 common mistakes which happen during the application process.

They are:-

  1. Not calculating the points correctly- in order to become a permanent resident a person needs to fulfil the point requirement for it. These points are apt according to the experience and qualifications. It is very confusing as most of the people do not surely know how many points to calculate. Always try to take a help from an immigration lawyer. If you are going through this process make sure that you are counting the points in the right process. If you cannot meet the required points then your application will be probably be rejected.
  2. Not filling out the forms correctly- there are many Canada points calculator for skilled migration. While filling out the forms it is important to read all the directions and follow it thoroughly. It is also found that during the form filling time a person made some mistakes. For example, he has written his name in a wrong way in some forms. It is very important that you submit all your documents correctly or else it might come back to you. If a mistake is found out then all the forms can be sent to you and you may need to do it again from the very beginning. Always be true to the forms. Please do not give any kind of incorrect information. It is very essential to sign the forms on the correct spots. A small error on the signature can reject your form.
  3. Missing any documents- every category is different from each other. There are hundreds of documents need to send in order to become a permanent resident of Canada. Not only all the required documents need to be sent but they also need to be sent in the correct order. Sometimes they might ask you for a photocopy of the documents or at times they also ask for the original copy. There is always some confusion regarding which documents to be sent. For example, if they ask for a birth certificate and the person might not have that, then he should figure out which document he can send as a substitute.
  4. Selecting the wrong visa office- if your documents are sent to the wrong visa office then it is going to come back. It is very important to know where your documents are going, as in who is going to receive it, for the process to go smoothly.

Incorrect NOC code-unless you have a job offer with a qualified Canadian employer, anyone wishing to migrate to Canada on the Federal Skilled Worker Program will need to have at least a year of experience in a list of 29 jobs.

Sahil Arora

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