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No matter what you wear, accessories/ jewelry adds that extra feel in completing the look. It elevates the look and mood. Tell me somebody who doesn’t like to add an oomph element to their look or style. This jewelry, be it from gold nose pins to scrap materials, do materials actually matter when paired the right way even the least expensive material accessories can complete the look. How once pair the jewelry is an art, you can junk in all the collection available or smartly pair the collection based on the occasion and the look you want to wear. There are basically four areas which are usually concentrated, neck, ears, wrist, and fingers and here are few tips about how you can work them


I get to hear many people saying the neck is empty, it is not mandatory that you need to wear a chain, choker or any other form of accessory all the time. This entirely depends on the dress. The neck is one of the most noticed areas, so over accessorizing, it might make look repulsive or not accessorizing might look too dull. An off shoulder dress might be paired with a long neck chain if you want to casual look at the same time a choker might emphasize a beautiful collar bone giving an oomph element.


Every accessory you wear are complemented by each other, like a long chandelier earring, will enhance your neckline at the same time a nice pair of studs will make them look more classy and enhance the face. When you pair yourself with a chandelier or statement earring some times the neck accessories can be avoided to make the look elegant. In the end, accessories should add to you, but not overshadow.


The bangle, bracelets area,  that area we subconsciously overdo,  or under do it. there is no need to pair both the hands with bangles or leave one hand completely empty. an elegant wristwatch a very simple thin bracelet might make both the hands look filled yet balanced. If not a mix and match person, or want to keep a fixed daily wear, the best option is gold either simple gold bangle designs, or bracelet design can opt


One that I loved from my childhood, there is some happiness to this, do you know different types of metals provide different types of effects on the body, and if you have heard of acupuncture (pressure point technique), our entire palm holds the control of different parts of Dubai Independent Escort bodies pressure point. Now connect all the three, isn’t it interesting. Like you wear an engagement or a wedding ring to your left-hand ring finger, as there is a vein that connects to the heart. This again keeps it simple either add a nice big finger ring and keep you wrist simple o keep you wrist louder and finger ring simple.

Accessorizing is always about balance; like you can pair your neck and finger rings or earring and bracelet based on the design of the outfit or costume.

Preety Rani

Article is published on this site by Preety who is an employee at Tablet Hire which is ipad hire company in the United Kingdom.