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Embrace Your Halal Ever After with This New Book from Randa Taha

Randa, age 27, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, to Syrian/Palestinian parents and has always had a deep desire to enrich others’ lives. Widely known on Social Media as ThatGirlRanda or The Queen of Messy Tiktok- Randa uses her online platform to help girls with their relationship issues.

Randa graduated from the University of Dallas with a degree in Biology (Pre-Medicine) in 2016. She is the founder of FreeMyLoans, a former beauty queen, Miss Supreme America, and, recently, an author. Randa wrote her book Halal Ever After to share her research on Islam and marriage, dreams of finding love, and stories the women who’ve reached out, have entrusted to her. What began as a moment of curiosity for Randa led to months of research and writing. With her help, a community of women is now sharing their strength. It is crucial to Randa those women understand they are not alone in their fears, concerns, and hopes for a successful marriage.

Halal Ever After | Book Summary
Randa Taha launches her latest book, Halal Ever After for Muslim girls struggling in any aspects of their relationships regarding love and their faith with Islam.
This inspirational guidebook is aimed at providing aid for Millennials and Gen Z Muslimahs in all aspects of their love lives, including intimacy, marriage, and finding their ‘Halal Ever After’.
In her book, Randa offers invaluable support and insight into various topics like;

• The detrimental effects of comparison via social media.
• Dos and Dont’s for those who’ve committed Zina.
• Dealing with parents who use Islam to justify their actions.
• Dealing with a difficult mother-in-law.
• Pre-Marital tips and what to look for in a future spouse.
• Sex Education from an Islamic perspective.

Ever felt like you’re the only one struggling? Readers will discover they’re never alone with the Bonus Q&A Chapter of relatable stories from Muslim Women worldwide. Available now on Amazon Prime. Coming soon to book stores.

Randa Taha
Halal Ever After
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