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Some places on the planet envelop you with overwhelming emotions. Being atop a mountain watching over a sea of clouds can make you feel like you are on top of the world. Walking through a forest pathway as gigantic trees watch over can fill you with peace. And standing by the beach as the sun sets over the horizon can take your breath away. If just seeing the beach can be this fantastic, then imagine how things will go if you were with your significant other on the beach. Your heart may skip a beat. How about you take it up a notch and imagine exchanging vows at the beach. That may feel like a fairytale, but you can make it a reality by getting a beach wedding venue for your big day.

Why Have a Beach Wedding

The top reason is apparent; you get to have your wedding at the beach. You can match a wedding’s magic with the beach’s magnificence. The regality of the sand and waves not only complements the sacredness of the ceremony but also serves as the perfect backdrop for the handsome groom or gorgeous bride. The splashing waves and cool breeze provide a serene atmosphere to set the solemn mood and subtly break the silence in between the pauses of your speech. The seaside air fills your lungs as you say your vows, and as you go in for the kiss, you may even taste some of the ocean’s flavours on your partner’s lips. All these further add to the enchantment of a wedding.

Those are magical reasons, but there are also practical ones. A beach wedding can have fewer expenses. Lavish decorations are not necessary for a beach wedding; the beach itself will do that for you. There are also fewer obligations to dress up for a beach wedding. You will rarely find a bride walk down the aisle wearing a thousand-dollar wedding dress. Material desires do not matter in a beach wedding; intimacy does.

There is also no need for a fancy function hall for your reception after a beach wedding. What is the point of marriage at the beach when you will go indoors? Enjoy the venue by partying through the rest of your wedding day at an alfresco reception.

Choosing the Perfect Beach Wedding Venue

One thing about beach weddings that are as clear as crystal, or rather water, is the tranquillity and intimacy. A wedding in a modern or contemporary setting would typically have flowers everywhere, large flowing curtains, elegant chandeliers, and extravagant decorations. A beach wedding would barely have any of those as they would explicitly contrast the atmosphere. Only the basics would be present: Comfortable chairs and tables for the guests, a long carpet leading to the altar, and maybe an arch to or canopy to surround the happy couple. The natural seaside environment will provide the rest of the aesthetics. Thus, when you are choosing a beach wedding venue, go for one that can give you a private and intimate setting for you and your closest friends and families.

Once you find the perfect setting, see what else the venue can offer. You will be free from lots of stress if there are also wedding packages available. Find out how many people the venue can accommodate. Browse through the menu for your reception. See if you can also get wedding staff, entertainment, and other perks.

A wedding should be one, if not the happiest day of your life. Cherish it through the lifetime by getting a beach wedding venue for your special day.

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