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Bring a Pinch of Chic in your Personality with Terracotta

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In this 21st century, people are after new and advanced things, crafts and objects. But there are hardly families who really know the charm and charisma of Terracotta. Talking about it, terracotta is a clay-based art that has always been a part of civilization of Mother Earth as far early as 200 BC. It is used mainly for its strength and toughness. Terracotta found its path into diverse cultures and collectibles.

Fashion Jewellery

It had chiefly been used by Chinese, ancient Greeks, Western-Columbian men and drawn its way into Indian craftsmanship as well. Terracotta is also popular as clay craft or fired clay.As name suggests it has been a sign of the first step of man towards progress. If you want, you can get beautiful jewellery made in this craft. Just go for Terracotta jewellery online shopping and your mind will be blown by the charisma of their variety and charm.

An Increasing usage

Today, one of the main uses that are seeing an increasing demand is the gorgeous jewellery and art work that is deemed to inspire emotional healing. Not just this, at the same time, it imparts a natural beauty and gorgeousness to the wearer. Not just known for its exclusivity, terracotta is considered to have spiritual and aesthetic properties as well.

In earlier times, terracotta was considered to have a wish-granting superiority. Many ancient Indian hamlets were found to possess terracotta animal figures, sacrifice of which in the burning fire was believed to fulfil the wish of a person. In fact terracotta art in India is believed to be mystical because it joins within it the five important elements- air, earth, fire, water and ether.

If you are planning to buy some gorgeous jewellery in terracotta then you must not hesitate to do so. You can find plenty of designs and shapes like Lakshmi terracotta temple jewellery, Rising Sun Necklace Set,terracotta temple jewellery and much more. You know, terracotta has pierced throughout India, with every single state developing its own regional style, modification and design.Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orissa are a couple of states where Terracotta is a main source of livelihood.Every state has its own exclusive technique and feel. Once you go through the diversity and variety, you are going to fall in love with their patterns, designs, shades, combinations and everything.

It is important to know that the procedure of forming a terracotta artwork includes plenty of steps. The clay gets refined and shaped into desired shape. After sun drying it is kept in an ovenor atop combustible stuff in a pit, and then fired. The characteristic firing temperature is about 1000°C. The iron content caters the fired body a yellow, red, orange, grey,pink or brown color.


Thus, while you have tried so many advanced and trendy designs and materials in jewellery, why not just give a try to terracotta jewellery too? Such jewellery will certainly make your day. Your looks and overall personality will surely get enhanced with this seasoned jewellery material and designs.


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