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Portugal is a country with many beautiful and incredible places. One of the most outstanding is the Benagil Cave Trip. It is a cave with a small beach inside that has been considered one of the most beautiful caves in the world. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to find the cave.

Benagil Cave Trip is a small site open to the sea, surrounded by hidden caves that can only be discovered aboard some kind of boat.

Where is Benagil Cave located?

Benagil is very close to some important towns such as Portimao which is 15 kilometers to the west or Albufeira which is 25 kilometers to the east. There are several accesses to get to Benagil. The most usual thing is to take the detour in the town of Lagoa which is at 14 kilometers to the north from the N-125 road.

How to access the caves of Benagil?

Once you arrive at the destination you need to head towards the beach. Just before the sand, you find a small stand with information to visit the caves. The tour company offers two options: The first is to rent a single or double kayak to see the nearest caves, an economic proposal that you cannot rule out at first.

The second is to do a tour in a light boat which allows you to visit around 20 caves, sail a little further away from the coast and discover the incredible relief of this corner of the Algarve.

Prices range depending on whether you only visit the caves or make a stop at nearby beaches. It lasts about an hour and the boats leave regularly every little time that takes half an hour to one hour.

The caves of Benagil:

As we have mentioned, visiting the Cuevas de Benagil in this type of boat allows you to go much further and contemplate some landscapes that kayaking would have been impossible. Some people dare to swim to the caves that are next to the beach.

Our advice is that you do not do it for several reasons: The first is that the sea is unpredictable and you never know when you can lift waves with the imminent danger of being so close to the rocks.

The second is that boats enter and leave the caves very often which put us at a clear disadvantage if you come across any of them. Think that they raise waves and with that, they go to about 10 meters from you they can push you and equally hit you against the rocks.

You can sail a few kilometers on both sides of the Benagil Beach and during all the time you will get to see more caves, each one different from the previous one but all equally spectacular.

The truth is that the gigantic walls of the cliffs intimidate a lot, despite going in a safe boat. The good thing is that they sail quite slowly when they are close to the coastline and only when you go back is when you pick up speed.