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Everyday Cashmere
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Packing for a short yet sweet weekend away can be a little tricky. You have to resist the urge to jam everything but the kitchen sink in your weekender at every turn, you’re worried about what the weather’s going to do and you’re swept up by the giddying excitement of it, all at once, no one could blame you! If you’re feeling frantic and you’re not quite sure where to start, then you’ve come to the right spot. Read on for the essential items you need to pack for your next winter weekend escape…

Luxe Loungewear

Bring along your favourite luxury loungewear to keep yourself cosy and chic during your winter weekend down time. Cashmere robes, knitted pants and cuddly fleece sweaters are all perfect for off duty lounging during your much deserved weekend off. You’re headed away for a bit of self love and fun, so why not make the most out of each and every moment, even those where you’re just relaxing or making yourself a cup of coffee? Soft to the touch cashmere pieces will become your best friend, they regulate your temperature, keep you cosy and act as a tactile tonic for your skin, what more could you want from your comfies?

Breathable Cotton Tees

Organic cotton tee shirts might not be the first thing that your mind hops to when you’re planning perfect winter weekend packing, but they are actually rather essential. Pack a couple for sleeping, layering underneath jumpers, dressing up for the evening or even for when you feel like breaking a sweat. One or two beautifully breathable basics will do the trick.

A Snug Winter Coat

You’re not going to get very far on that fun weekend away without a snug winter coat to keep you nice and warm. Bring a waterproof, long length style to keep yourself protected and ready for all weather conditions that could be coming your way. A neutral navy, khaki or black are your best bet for colours here.

Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere is adored for being lightweight, soft to the touch and unimaginably cosy, all of which making it the ideal material to bring along with you on your next weekend adventure! Because it’s so light (and crinkle resistant, result!) it packs perfectly. Bring along a crew neck, turtleneck and V-neck style to cater to your every style craving when you’re off enjoying your freedom.

The Relax V

Straight Fit Denim

Everyone needs a trusty pair of denim to accompany them, no matter where you’re venturing off to. Bring your best loved pair of mid wash blue denim with you for casual chic outfits that are warm and comfortable. Psst – if you’re going somewhere that’s almost freezing, you might want to opt for a wide leg style that can accommodate some thermals underneath.


Some perfectly patterned tracksuit pants in a lovely cotton fleece go a long way on a winter weekend away. Bring a fun pair of pretty patterned pants to add a little excitement to your outfits. The pure cotton fleece will treat your skin and keep your outfits nice and breathable for maximum comfort. Wear with your tees, jumpers and winter coat all weekend long.

Elegant Evening Wear

You never know, you might want to head out in the evening for an elegant meal or just for a drink at the local, and if you plan on doing so you’re going to want to have an outfit on hand! Dress up your statement pants with a slinky silky cami top, shining gold jewellery and heeled boots.

Cosy Accessories

Don’t forget a soft knitted beanie, cashmere socks and a silky soft cashmere winter wrap for extra cosiness! Your accessories are going to be great both for your down time and when you’re out adventuring, so make sure you bring them along.

Stash these essentials in your weekend bag and you can be sure to have your warmest, most stylish weekend away yet!