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Beaches are serene and broad. They are the perfect destinations for one who loves quiet and relaxed holidays.

Cherai Beach

This beach is approximately 25 kilometres away from Kochi is located in the state of Kerala. This beach is a stretch of 10 kilometres and is also known as the ‘Princess of the Arabian Sea’. The main attraction of this place is that the ocean and the back waters merge here. The other attraction is the golden sand of the sea beach. The fisherman’s village is also very nearby where one can enjoy the local cuisines and lobsters and Kerala style crab curries.


This place is situated at the south western end point of Maharashtra state. It is a very small village which has a proper shoreline with clear waters. The beach here has a very little crowd and one can easily relax and count the unending waves for long hours without getting any kind of disturbance. At the end of the beach, one gets to see a lot of fisher’s huts. It is in this place where the Karli back waters get to meet the Arabian Sea.


If you really want to spend a holiday in a sea beach alone then Gokarna it is for you. This is located in Karnataka and is the perfect travelling destination for you. One can even take a trekking route all by themselves and visit the beautiful Mahabaleshwar Temple here. One can also enjoy all the five beaches in Gokarna including Half Moon beach, Kudle beach, Paradise beach, and Om beach.


We all know that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The beaches and the soft sands, the shores and everything about Goa are perfect for a happy holiday. The shining sun on the beach and the Portuguese architecture and the churches make it a dream place to spend time with your friends or romantic partner. Then there is the energetic night life, some delicious sea foods and a perfect drink.


This beach line is along the Konkan coast. The waves are of clear waters and the beach is almost empty. The beach is full of mangroves and coconut palms where one can laze around and take a good sun bath. It is a unique beach to enjoy your holiday.


It is on a delta island that comes out from the Bay of Bengal. One can take a speed boat ride from Bakkhali to Jambu Dwip, which is an island with a dense forest. One can stroll lazily on the eight kilometres long beach or can take bike ride here.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

This one is located in Koyna of Maharashtra and one can get to see the beauty of Western Ghats on one side and the beautiful Shivsagar Lake on the other side. This place acquires an area of 420 square kilometres and one can get to see a lot of wild animals here like tigers, sloth bears, giant squirrels, cobras, pythons and brown capped woodpeckers. This place is situated at a distance of 183 kilometres from Pune city and the best time to visit this place is from October to April.


It is a very small village in Karnataka which has a serene and beautiful beach and also a road which runs between the Arabian Sea and River Suparnika. This place has a mesmerising beauty and spectacular surroundings which are worth visit.

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