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Gold chains can effortlessly spice up the style quotient of the wearer and add more elan to the overall look! There are many options in gold chain models that you can choose from that best fits not only your style but requirement too! If you wish to know what are the styles that people are raving about, well, browse this post to know some must-have gold chain models that should find a place in your jewellery collection this season!

1. Chunky and bold:

This eye-catching style is an absolute must-have if you like to exude a funky and groovy look. Though these kinds of fancy chains can be picked up in any length, however, if you wish to draw attention to your neckline, then go in for the thicker and prominent gold chain models that sit on your collarbone or close to your neck. Do not forget to wear a plunging neckline for the added oomph!  

2. Classic and sleek:

One style that can never go out of fashion, well, it is a classic and sleek gold chain design! These kinds of gold chain models are great for amplifying your everyday style. If you are looking to own a fashion faithful accessory that can be worn with almost all kinds of outfits, well, this is what you should consider in investing! You can notch up your look by adding a dainty pendant to this sleek chain style!

3.Personalised and peppy:

Be it your name, any important date, a number, initials or any alpha-numeric design that you wish to design your gold chain model in, you can simply do so with personalised gold chains. These fancy chains not only look utterly fashionable and trendy but are also a great gifting option for loved ones!

4. Gemstone glamour:

This is an interesting style that can add alluring charm to your contemporary and traditional looks! Go for a pattern in which gemstones are woven into the design of the chain and if you wish to exude more feminine grace, then opt for gold chain models with dangling details. For a more traditional look, you can opt for the dangling design that covers the entire front portion of the chain. You can opt for single or multi-coloured gemstone embellishments in gold chain models; they all look good!

5. Dual-tone look:

One of the latest fashion trends that are becoming widely popular amongst people of all age groups is dual-toned gold chain models. There are stunning designs and tones that you can choose from, white gold with rose gold, rose gold with yellow gold or yellow gold with white gold! No matter which combination you go in for, they all look stunning and can be accessories with sheer ease with both Indian as well as contemporary looks.  

These are some of the gold chain models that should definitely find a place in your jewellery collection! Whether you are looking to sass up your daily style quotient or it is a glam party look on your mind, wearing fancy chains can be an absolute game-changer for you! So, if you haven’t invested in any of the above-mentioned beauties, well, now is the time to hit the stores and bag these stunning eye candies or trendy gold chain models and add a more sophisticated look to any outfit or style!