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One of the most colourful, spellbinding and captivating destinations in the world, India is one of the most famous travel spots among tourists. With its beautiful mix of cultures, ancient enlightenment and effervescence, it is actually the oldest human civilization of the world. Although visiting India for the first time might really not be a cakewalk! Why do we say so? Well, primarily it is the cultural shock that most first-time visitors might experience. With no denial of the fact that India has some of the most incredible sights, rewards and much more, a person visiting this country for the first time might develop a different angle to this with all the dirt and scams.

For foreigners who are completely unaware of the urbanity and social complexities of India, might want to avoid a few major mistakes that would make their travel a lot easier and enjoyable. You must read a travel blog for more information before planning a tour. For now, read on and use the following tips for your next vacation:

Not Every Water Drop is Safe to Drink!

Clean intake of water should be your foremost priority! Understanding that your system might not function well with tap water, make sure you only opt for bottled mineral water while here and avoid drinking from any unknown source as that can be contaminated with pollutants. Keeping yourself hydrated all the time (especially if you are here in Summers) is also necessary. Drink good quantity of water (2 litres at least) to avoid any sickness or infections. If possible, gulp on fresh coconut water as it helps in stimulating electrolytes in your body which further relaxes your troubled stomach.

Say No to ‘Overpaying’!

We know the prices are already cheap here but overpaying or not bothering to bargain is a mistake one should definitely avoid. India is inexpensive but getting overcharged is unfair, isn’t it? So, for example if you are travelling by an auto rickshaw or a taxi, always make sure to use the meter. And if that is not possible, make sure acquainted with the prices of that price before hand. Similarly while shopping, the vendors might quote a price that is three times than what they would ask a local to pay. So keep this in mind and always bargain. Have fun, talk, understand them, talk in their language and grab a good deal for yourself. Giving tips is a customary thing in India and you might want to spare some money for your guides, drivers or anyone in service for you.

Timely Booking is Important!

Whether you are visiting India for a vacation, a business trip or a cultural exchange program, planning at least 4 to 5 months in prior is extremely crucial. Freezing flights on time and hotel booking should be well planned and should be executed timely. For example, if you are travelling by train while in India, then make sure you book your tickets through well established websites like IRCTC or ixigo and avoid buying them at the moment from stations. Similarly, keep a check on the lowest airfare to grab the best deal is also an ideal thing. Avoiding these little mistakes will not only help you save some bucks but will also help you get a peaceful and hassle free time here.

Avoid Overpacking

Even though India is a developing country, but basic as well as luxurious amenities are easily available here. Consider carrying along less clothes and indulge in local shopping to savour the culture of this country. Items like clothes, jewellery, etc. are not only affordable but will also endow you with a fun filled experience. For food items, there are number of shops located in posh areas of major cities that will endow you with everything international ranging from peanut butter to granola bars to various types of cheese. Packing light will also help you in travelling across India with ease and comfort. You can also save a lot on that baggage fee while flying domestically.

Say ‘Yes’ to Street Food

Yes, you heard that right! Contrary to the usual belief, saying ‘yes’ to the street food is actually a great idea. So instead of committing the mistake of not indulging in the local flavour, make sure you experience the taste of roadside stalls and small cafes. Although, being cautious with what you eat should always be on your mind. So how do you judge which place to eat at? Well, it is simple. The busier the cafe is, the fresher the food will be. This is because the more number of customers, the more food will be consumed which will lead to fresh preparation each time keeping away all the bacteria of stale food.

Another mistake foreigners usually make is not lookup for restaurants that serve their cuisine. We know, not everyone can handle the spices and preparation of Indian food. So look up for places that suit your palate.

Avoid eating nonvegetarian food here because India has the lowest meat consumption rates in the world, so you might not be able to get fresh produce.

So travellers, with this checklist in hand, avoid making these mistakes and have a wonderful and beautiful time in India.


Preety Rani

Article is published on this site by Preety who is an employee at Tablet Hire which is ipad hire company in the United Kingdom.